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Professional Practices

Our Professional Practices Correspondence Course is accredited by the boards listed in by NTCRS. Completion of this course is awarded a total of 10 CEU by these boards.

Preliminary Skills

We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the articles we've created to help you understand your profession and the current climate surrounding your business.

Important Articles

We encourage you to learn as much as you can about the human body and nutrition if you're going to enter the alternative, holistic and/or natural health, nutrition and wellness industry. See the free correspondence courses we developed for this purpose.

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Course Description for Professional Practices

Professional practices is all about being professional, ethical, legal and morally correct in your business interactions with the public. In this course you will learn how to morally and legally function in your community. The next course on professional ethics will cover the other two topics.

This course is required by most independent, accredited and accepted certification boards. You will earn 10 CEU upon the successful completion of this course.

  1. Basics of Professionalism
  2. Codex Alimentarius Commission
  3. Codex Alimentarius Treaty
  4. A New Healing Paradigm
  5. Your Healing Mission
  6. How and Why Licensing Boards Investigate Suspects
  7. How to Become a Licensed Spiritual Healer
  8. Referrals and Networking
  9. Legal Issues

You have the Following Purchase Options:

  1. Professional Practices Correspondence Course normally $250.00 US
  2. Professional Ethics Correspondence Course normally $250.00 US
  3. Informed Consent Correspondence Course Normally $350.00 US
  4. All three correspondence courses valued at $850.00 US for only $195.00 US
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