Out now—Issue #06: “Utopias”

Eye on Design, issue #06: “Utopias” | Designed by Na Kim

In the “Utopias” issue, we explore the elusive concept of idealism in its many forms. Over the course of 160 pages, we look back at the origins of Modernism and the concept of a universal solution; and we look to the future to envision how education, labor, the environment, and art might benefit from big, optimistic, and critical ideas. In between, we tell stories about the present and the designers who are actively working toward creating a better world.

Issue #05: “Distraction”

Eye on Design, issue #05: “Distraction” | Designed by Studio Pandan

In the “Distraction” issue, we look at how design influences entertainment, technology, work—and your ability to pay attention to it all. We explore how the influx of notifications, screens, and unread emails are shaping the way we think, and we probe how distraction can be a form of escapism and a necessary element in any creative process.

Issue #04: “Worth”

Eye on Design, issue #04: “Worth” | Designed by David Benski

The “Worth” issue is filled with stories that question the way we value design—measured in money, power, influence, and feelings.

Issue #03: “Gossip”

Eye on Design, issue #03: “Gossip” | Designed by Allyn Hughes

Psst, have you heard? We made a gossip magazine. 😉 Eye on Design #03 is packed with stories about how design shapes the way you communicate—truthfully, salaciously, and otherwise. This issue is packed full of special treats, including a pull-out insert you won’t want to miss.

Issue #02: “Psych”
Winner of the Stack Award’s Cover of the Year

Eye on Design, issue #02: ”Psych” | Designed by Shira Inbar

Eye on Design #02 is here in all its DayGlo glory. This time around we’re exploring the intersection of design and mind-altering experiences of all kinds. Meet a range of characters, from the unknown women behind 1960s psychedelic design, to the designers today who are tuning in but never dropping out by shifting drug use from recreational to vocational.
($19, shipping not included)

“My favorite magazine of the year is issue #02 of Eye on Design.”  —Ian Burch, author of Uncovered: Revolutionary Magazine Covers

 Issue #01: “Invisible” 

Eye on Design issue #01: “Invisible” | Designed by Maziyar Pahlevan

Eye on Design #01 tells stories that reveal the code, data, and grids lurking behind our designed interfaces. We explore intangible subjects like identity and mental health, made visible by some of our favorite artists, illustrators, and designers.


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“An ode to the art of physical magazine-making—and a gift to those who love to read them.” —Co.Design

“A crisply designed think tank of articles and essays; more literary journal than design showcase… Serious-minded and beautifully presented. An essential read for anyone interested in design.” —Creative Bloq 

“A beautifully flickable piece of publishing. Eye on Design blends stories together in a manner that defies traditional practice—yet works.” —magCulture

“A fascinating piece of magazine-making… Thoughtful design criticism in a playful editorial package…There’s no two ways about it—we love Eye on Design.” —Stack Magazines 

“A complete and carefully crafted magazine, the stories are crisp and insightful, headlines, intros, and navigation are a friendly invitation for reading, and the magazine manages to surprise.” —Malte Brenneisen and Urs Spindler, Stack Awards judges + founders editorial and design studio Die Brueder

“Eye on Design is everything a great magazine should be. It crackles with energy and originality. It rejoices in brilliant paper technology—like the cover’s hollowed-out, all-seeing eye—and it’s a nonstop glorious fireworks display of images and ideas that play with the theme of the issue.”  —Ian Burch, author of Uncovered: Revolutionary Magazine Covers

“Eye on Design’s visual identity, with its eye logo and signature peachy-pink have been beautifully translated for the print version.” —Creative Review 

“The editor of this magazine deserves recognition for what she and her team have achieved editorially, but also professionally. Independent magazines are often criticized for not being business savvy, but this magazine should be a role model and serve as inspiration for other magazine makers.” —Steven Gregor, Stack Awards judge + editor of Gym Class magazine