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Professional Ethics

Our Professional Ethics Correspondence Course is accredited by the boards listed in by NTCRS. Completion of this course is awarded a total of 10 CEU by these boards.

This correspondence course covers the following materials:

  1. How to Legally Practice Your Profession
  2. Finding Your Niche in Your Profession
  3. Obtaining Required Cleint Information
  4. Your Legal Obligations in Making Referrals
  5. Your Professional Code of Conduct
  6. Your Healing Modalities and Techniques
  7. Working Professionally With Licensing Boards
  8. Working Professionally With Certification Boards
  9. Client Confidentiality
  10. Advertising and Promoting Yourself

The emphasis of this correspondence course is to teach you how to practice legally, ethically, morally and professionally and still do the things you want to do to help other people.

You have the Following Purchase Options:

  1. Professional Practices Correspondence Course normally $150.00 US
  2. Professional Ethics Correspondence Course normally $150.00 US
  3. Informed Consent Correspondence Course Normally $150.00 US
  4. All three correspondence courses valued at $450.00 US for only $195.00 US

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