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Codex Alimentarius and Natural Healthcare

The Mission of the Codex Alimentarius Commission is to eliminate all practitioner and product competition to pharmaceutical drugs; to take full control of the food industry and the governmental agencies that regulate these industries.

Information about Codex Alimentarius and the Food Industry

They hire thousands of people to accomplish this mission by:

  • Running nonprofit organizations for specific health and wellness issues where they teach the public which toxic and dangerous drugs will help them manage their symptoms; and publish false and misleading information about the competition.

  • Running license boards to reward professionals who adhere to the Codex Mission and to punish those who do not.

  • Officially and unofficially lobby politicians to support the Codex Agenda through various "health reform" mandates and legislation supporting the Codex Mission and make it a criminal act to do otherwise.

  • Controlling the FDA budget and employee compensation to reward those who support the Codex Mission and punish those who do not.

  • Controlling the FDA committees and department heads to further the Codex Mission and legally harass those who oppose this mission.

  • Providing as many investigators and lawyers as are necessary to defend all wrongdoing of the drug industry while punishing anybody who does not support the Codex Mission.

  • Using federal employees to employ Gestapo tactics to seize and destroy products and records of any company or industry that publishes truthful claims concerning food and other products offering health benefits to the public in competition to drugs.

  • Managing the media through promises of advertising revenue and threats of pulling all current drug company advertising.

When you read about an illegal FDA raid destroying a company, you know that company was telling the truth and they threatened drug company profits. Later everything is proven to have been "legal" because the FDA:

  1. Adulterated the products with toxic chemicals and used "independent contractors" under the control of the Codex Alimentarius Commission to legally lie to the courts.

  2. Helped those who might testify against the FDA acquire amnesia, refuse to testify or meet with an unfortunate "accident."

  3. Doctored the company documents to say what the FDA wanted them to say.

  4. Paid specialists to falsely testify against the company.

Natural healthcare and natural products are under attack today by governmental agencies such as Health Canada, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Federal Trade Commissions. The groups behind all of this are the Codex Alimentarius Treaty (CAT), Codex Alimentarius Commission (CAC) and the mega-monster, multi-national corporations in the pharmaceutical, food processing, petrochemical and petroleum, bioengineering and allopathic medical community including private insurance groups.

We encourage you to become familiar with the issues so you can practice your chosen profession freely and without fear.

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