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Empowering Coaching Techniques

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Each lesson contains two or more coaching techniques. The first three lessons comprising seven empowering coaching techniques account for 90% of your final examination. The four remaining techniques covered by this course in Lesson 4 account for the final 10% of your test score. You must pass the test and complete your practicum to receive credit for the Basic Skills Coaching Workshop.

The secret to success is to master the first seven skills -- which are given in the first three of five lessons in this table:


Making Requests

Active Listening Skills

Reflective Listening


Short Chat


Short Chat Schedule


Supporting, Endorsing and Thanking

Free Coach Tools

Free Coach Skills


Choices, Assignments and Contracts

Empowering Questions



Oral Examination


Empowering Coaching
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Making Requests is an important empowering tool. When we ask questions, we disempower our clients and empower ourselves. When we make requests we empower our clients and ourselves at the same time.

Active listening empowers our clients by being there for them. We listen for the main content and not the exact words. By explaining what we heard we empower and acknowledge our clients.

Reflective listening is something good coaches do all the time. They listen for the content and they listen for the feelings behind that content. When they run out of an active listening statement to make, they make a reflective listening statement.

Short chats are exemplified by actively listening until we stall. Then reflectively listen. If your client explains things further, go back to active listening. Repeat this process until you have no more active or reflective feedback. Close the chat as explained in Lesson 3.

Lesson 3 in the table above describes three different ways of closing a chat. Choose one for each chat you need to close.

Once we close a chat we can immediately start another chat on another topic or we can make another request or we're actually done. You will know how to proceed based on the response you receive to your first request.

These skills will make more sense to you the more you practice them. They are new skills and it will take practice to master them. We recommend you practice on your family, friends and clients as much as possible. The more you practice, the easier using these skills becomes.

Free Coach Tools are recommended "muscle testing" (applied kinesiology) techniques you can teach your clients to do for themselves. The most commonly used tools are the Lean Technique -- also called the Body Pendulum -- and the looper finger technique. We recommend you teach your clients all of these techniques and letthem shoose what works best for them.

Start with Active Listening and add one skill at a time as you begin to feel comfortable with the new skill. The skills you need to add are Making Requests, Short Chat, Reflective Listening, Thanking, Supporting and Endorsing your client.

Later during your last ten chats you can practice the skills given in Lesson 4 in the table above.

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Your Practicum needs to be completed by the final workshop session. Please get started any time by following the link given in Group Five near the top of this page.

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Successful completion of this workshop earns you 35 CEU for certification and/or licensing.