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Second Interview of Dr. John Gilbert

This interview was conducted by Naturopath Coach on March 26, 2010 to identify current trends affecting natural health, homeopath, naturopath and nutrition professionals. This interview was conducted by Amanda Baker the former administrator for the Academy 4 Coaching.

AB: Are things better today or worse than they were three years ago for homeopath, natural health, natural therapies, naturopath and nutrition professionals?

JG: Things are better for these professionals because more and more people are seeking alternative health care. Things are worse for these professionals because of three trends in health care: 1) Codex Alimentarius, 2) Toxic Governmental Bureaucracies and 3) Aggressive Licensing Boards.

AB: I know Codex Alimentarius has been around for fifty years but most of us never hear about them. What are they doing to harm homeopath, natural health, natural therapies, naturopath and nutrition experts?

JG: Everything they can to eliminate these professions. You have to understand that the Codex Alimentarius Commission is funded by the pharmaceutical companies for more than a billion US dollars. They use that money to establish associations and support groups for any disease or disorder for which there is an approved drug. The Codex Commission controls these groups for the benefit of the drug companies that manufacture these approved drugs.

The associations and support groups raise money for research to "find a cure" for their cause. This money goes to the pharmaceutical companies as a tax-free donation to be used for the benefit of these companies. They already have a drug that will control the symptoms but not the disease, disorder or condition which is the focus of that association.

The primary purpose behind every one of these associations and support groups is, and always has been, to sell and market pharmaceuticals at the expense of natural therapies. Each and every association and support group targets any profession that offers clients any hope of being cured of their condition. Such professions are the enemy of pharmaceutical companies; and Codex Alimentarius is the tool they use to destroy these professions whatever the cost.

AB: Is the Codex Commission really that relentless?

JG: Oh yes. The Codex Commission will buy any medical doctor, judge, politician or bureaucrat to accomplish their goal of eliminating all competition to pharmaceutical drugs. They have the money to do just that and that's what they've been doing for fifty years.

For example, fifty percent of the adult population is in acute and/or chronic pain. Their pain is debilitating and/or is relentless all-the-time pain. All pharmaceutical pain killers compromise the liver, kidneys, heart and/or thyroid. All of them are toxic chemicals that destroy the immune system. All of them are excessively profitable and none of them are as effective as natural non-toxic therapies and products -- most of which were effective remedies fifty years ago and are illegal to sell or use today.

For example, type 2 diabetes is an epidemic today but it was fairly rare fifty years ago. Processed sugar laden with toxic chemicals is the primary culprit. But fifty years ago natural products would keep the blood sugar stabilized. Today the law requires medical doctors to prescribe toxic synthetic hormones and other toxic chemicals known to compromise the liver, kidneys, heart, brain and other organs. Under the influence of these drugs, blood sugar is difficult to control.

They could only do that if judges, bureaucrats and politicians controlled by the pharmaceutical companies allow them to do it. That's the mission of Codex Alimentarius.

AB: You mentioned toxic government bureaucracies. Who are they?

JG: In America we call them the FDA and Health Canada. In other parts of the world these agencies have different names. But they all control the approval of drugs and therapies in their country. The executives of these agencies and their families are invited to all of the major health conferences as the guests of pharmaceutical companies. Some of these conferences occur on cruises. Others are held at fancy and expensive resorts where the families are pampered beyond whatever you imagine.

The price the executive pays for this extravagant gift is placing people recommended by the drug company on the committees under their jurisdiction. It's no secret that most committees in these agencies are dominated and controlled by people hand-picked by the pharmaceutical industry. Most of this is handled through the Codex Commission but it's still the drug companies that run the show.

Anytime a government agency is controlled and manipulated by corporate interests, that agency is toxic. They are toxic because they support the corporate interests at the expense of the public the agency is mandated to protect by law.

AB: Why are license boards a problem for natural therapies?

JG: In my opinion, license boards in the developed countries, where the Codex Commission and pharmaceutical companies have a large presence, are controlled by these special interests. Those of us who help professionals negotiate a settlement with license boards see this Codex influence every day. But it's difficult for those who aren't exposed to it all the time to see what's happening.

AB: What's happening?

JG: One by one nutritionists, naturopaths and homeopaths are "retiring" and seeking other work because they closed their lucrative business. They closed it because they had no choice. They didn't have millions or even thousands of dollars to defend themselves. They closed it because they could not prove they were innocent.

Codex will pay good money to licensed professionals to testify that what you're doing is practicing their profession without a license. By good money, I mean a week's -- or even a month's -- salary, or more, for a few minutes of testifying.

And, there's no paper trail to prove this is what's happening. It's all under the table, or styled as consulting fees and speaking engagements at exotic and expensive places. Money is no obstacle when the pharmaceutical companies want you to "retire without pay."

AB: What do you suggest?

JG: If your profession is under fire, and non-licensed nutritionists, homeopaths and naturopaths are in a war zone, become a certified coach in your profession. If you follow a spiritual path, or if you use spiritual healing techniques, become a licensed spiritual healer and/or coach.

If you do this right your clients will make all their own decisions. They will diagnose themselves. They will treat themselves. They will cure themselves, and all you do is coach and teach them to make their own decisions. They have the ability to do the rest without you.

You don't diagnose, analyze, assay, examine, evaluate or investigate anything. Your clients do.

You don't prescribe, recommend, suggest, dictate or require anything. Your clients decide what to do, when to do it and why to do what they do.

You don't treat or attempt to cure anything. Your clients do. You are their coach and teacher. That's all you are and that's all you do. Everything you do is perfectly legal. Everything your clients do is perfectly legal.

The pharmaceutical industry doesn't like this but there's nothing they can do about it for now. They'll keep on trying because they never give up --they make way too much money to give up. But as people get more and more discouraged with taking drugs and getting worse, they will eventually rise up and change the way government protects their rights.

AB: When do you think that will happen?

JG: I think it's already happening.

More and more people are looking for alternatives to toxic drugs that kill parts of their bodies and make them more susceptible to cancer, diabetes, heart disease, chronic fatigue, migraine headaches, fibromyalgia, acute and chronic pain and other major debilitating diseases, disorders and conditions.

Drugs kill the liver, gall bladder, thyroid, kidneys, thymus and other organs. Liver transplants, kidney dialysis, organ removal and immune system failure are at an all time high in America today -- at a much higher rate than any other country in the world. Cancer, diabetes and heart disease affects a higher percentage of the population in America than any other country in the world. People are to the point where they won't stand for that.

We legally drug people to death in the name of health -- but it's really in the name of wealth and it has nothing to do with health. The average senior citizen is taking more drugs every single week than their grandparents took in a lifetime. Guess who was healthier.

When you're taking seventeen prescription drugs a day -- an average of thirty-two pills day -- you have to wonder why the quality of your life is declining instead of getting better. According to insurance company statistics, that's the average senior citizen drug dose in America today.

The average middle-aged person is taking drugs to "cure" their anxiety, depression, anger, lack of attention, concentration and focus, hormonal imbalances or headaches. Guess how many of those drugs cure anything. None. What they do is destroy your liver, kidneys, thyroid, heart, blood vessels, immune and nervous system. Go on those drugs and you're a candidate for more and more drugs as you age.

Today almost one-third of our youth are obese and that leads to diabetes and a lifetime of heart, kidney, liver, eyesight, hearing, blood and lymph circulation problems. It leads to a lifetime of more and more drugs, less and less health.

These problems won't go away until the American people change the way government protects the pharmaceutical, chemical and bioengineering companies at the expense of Americans. The USA has gone from number one in health and wellness care during the period 1880 to 1950 to number three during the 1950s. Today we rank number forty-three in health and wellness of forty-three developed nations in the world.

Some people understand and they're doing something about it in their own life. Others are learning every day. The number of healthy people in America is increasing -- not through drugs but by avoiding drugs and going natural. I sense this is the beginning of a revolution that will grow and grow until it reaches a critical mass.

How long will it take? I don't know. But what I do know is there is more demand for holistic, natural and alternative health, wellness and nutrition professionals today than I've seen in the past fifty years. And that demand is growing.

That's why the pharmaceutical, chemical and bioengineering (GMO) companies have taken control of the USDA, FDA and FTC. That's why they pay good money to control license boards. They expect to win this war by controlling government.

This is a war we can't afford to lose. The human race is at risk.

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