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  • A Great Interview - Naturopath Coach transcribed an interview with Dr. John Gilbert that appeared in the February 23, 2007 issue of the now-defunct Naturopath News. Current trends confirm what he predicted during that interview. We recommend this article to you.

  • The Need for a New Nutrition Paradigm - This article was developed by Coach 4 Nutrition and donated to us because this is an important issue for everyone. Nutrition is an important part of healing anything.

  • Follow up Interview - Naturopath Coach published this follow-up interview with Dr. Gilbert in two segments during March and April 2010. We combine them here in one outstanding article. Special thanks to Amanda Baker for keeping and sharing these important interviews.

  • Free Coach Tools -- Empower your clients to make their own decisions so you avoid diagnosing, prescribing and treating clients.

  • Words to Avoid - If you're not licensed, read this! Awesome article!

  • Have A Great Internship - If you want to become an expert in your profession, your internship is a very important part of your training. Slide through this and your chances of becoming an expert are greatly diminished. We encourage you to do it right.

  • So, You Want to be a Mentor - Before you decide, read this.

  • What Every Spiritual Healer Needs to Know - If spiritual healing is part of your business, please read this article.

  • What Every Minister Should Already Know - Ministers are not automatically spiritual healers.

  • My Legal Obligations as a Healthcare Practitioner - Understand your legal obligations before you advertise and see clients. This article was made available by Natural Therapies Conflict Resolution Services.

  • Resolving and Avoiding Conflicts with License Boards - The best defense is a good offense and that means to avoid conflicts with license boards as much as possible. This article was shared by Natural Therapies Conflict Resolution Services.

  • How to Practice Legally Without a License-- Another great article from NTCRS. This article is also available in the following formats:

    2003 Word Document
    2007 Word Document
    Adobe Acrobat PDF File

  • Modern Trends in Healthcare -- Another great article from Dr. Gilbert. This article is also available in the following formats:

    2003 Word Document
    2007 Word Document
    Adobe Acrobat PDF File

  • List of Approved Associations -- These associations support qualified members with great benefits at a fraction of normal costs.

  • List of Accredited Certification Boards -- This is a list of independent and accredited certification boards serving the alternative, holistic and natural health, wellness and nutrition industries.

  • List of the Best Certification Titles -- Pick a title that empowers you.

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